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Waste To Energy, Inc.

Waste To Energy, Inc. got their start in “1988” in solid waste disposal, servicing the largest waste company’s in New York and New Jersey. WTE brought a unique disposal option for the region providing transportation, disposal, and turning waste to energy, one stop shop.

By “1992” all of the materials serviced by WTE were being used as a fuel for the production of electricity. Since that time we have tailored our company to serve as a disposal option for paper, plastic, wood that has otherwise been deemed non-recyclable. To date WTE is directly responsible for keeping several “Million” tons of waste out of the landfills, and providing fuel for the production of millions of Kw’s of electricity.

WTE services the entire eastern half of the US with waste disposal and sales and consulting the world over.

At the present time WTE is involved with disposal for D.O.D. as well as providing fuel to various steam driven power plants and cement kilns. WTE is capable at the present of providing “Guaranteed Disposal”, “Certified Destruction”, “Witnessed Destruction” on products, records, pharmaceutical’s, paper, wood, MSW, food, and confined animal waste. WTE has disposal options for the highest use for the material being disposed of.

WTE has the capabilities of converting thousands of tons per week of waste products into energy through the production of electricity. WTE utilizes several national carriers so that picking up or spotting of trailers for transportation can be handled with ease. We are also serviced by all national railroads, with published rates to our facilities.

Our goal is to vertically integrate the right waste product with the right industry for utilization rather than land filling.

James D. Murphy, President
Waste To Energy, Inc.